Student data is maintained by the University Registrar's Office in the Banner 9 system. Questions relating to Banner data should be directed to the University Registrar. 

On the 10th day of class each semester, Institutional Research provides a snapshot of enrollment data to the UNC System Office via the Student Data Mart (SDM) system. This is the Census Snapshot, and is considered the official enrollment data for the University. The majority of data used and provided by the IR office comes from this snapshot. Census Snapshot data is maintained and accessed locally by the IR staff.

Additional SDM snapshots which may be used to respond to requests are:

  • Beginning of Term (first day of class snapshot)
  • End of Term (last day of class snapshot)
  • Post-Grades (closes approximately 6 weeks after the end of a semester, contains course grades and degree completion data)
Data processed through the Student Data Mart is subject to the definitions and criteria set forth by The UNC System Office and the Integrated Post Secondary Education Data System (IPEDS). 

Live data from Banner or ODS is very rarely used, and is very specific to the nature of occasional data or report requests. Because Institutional Research reports from frozen data, results may not match those obtained from Banner 9 live data or the Operational Data Store (ODS).