Learn more about the IRB and how to apply here: http://integrity.uncg.edu/institutional-review-board/

Generally speaking, when institutional data is used for institutional improvement or for instructional purposes, an IRB review is usually not required.  If you anticipate publishing research using institutional data, then an IRB review MAY be required. If you are not sure if your research requires a review, contact Melissa Beck at the Institutional Review Board (336-256-0253) for additional information.  

IRB stands for Institutional Review Board. This board is in place to review research projects that require human subjects. For some projects, you must apply for IRB review before you can commence research. Once your project is reviewed and accepted, you will receive an approval letter, which will include an IRB number. You can attach an electronic copy of the approval letter to your ticket with us, at any time, to provide the IRB number.