UNCG's Office of Institutional Research publishes a variety of reports using the dashboard application called Tableau. These reports can be printed as PDF documents. 

  1. To print wide detail data tables from a page like this: 

  2. At the bottom of the dashboard, click the Download button and select PDF. 

  3. Choose Landscape;  If using letter (A4) paper, set scaling to ‘Automatic’. In the Content section, highlight ‘Sheets in Dashboard’. In the Sheets to Download section, all of the options are pre-selected by default. Deselect the first two options such that only the last option is highlighted. The highlighting is very subtle so look carefully.

  4. When your selections are made, click ‘Download’.  In a few moments a popup will appear: 

  5. Click download and the PDF image of the complete table should appear in your default download directory.

Additional tip: 

  • For very wide tables, such as a 5-year trend of Program Detail broken out by ethnicity, you might want to set the scaling as ‘At most 2 pages wide’. That will split the table within 2013.
    Page 1

    Page 2

We encourage you can experiment with the scaling before you print so make sure your output is sized for readability.