The university Factbook is available online as an interactive Tableau Dashboard. You can find it here:

Tableau is a data visualization application that allows users to visualize their data in dynamic charts and tables. These charts and tables can then be combined into a dashboard with a series of filters which allow the viewer to obtain ever more granular information. 

The Factbook is presented in several workbooks, using a tabbed format, showing a wide variety of data in areas such as enrollment, degrees awarded, credit hours, and faculty. Any of the dashboard reports may be downloaded as a PDF document. However, the data behind the dashboards is not available for download. If you need a selection of data used in the Factbook, please email us at with your request. 

Here are some tips for getting around in the interactive Factbook: 

Do not use your brower's back button to go back to a previous workbook page. Use the controls within the workbooks itself to navigate between pages. 

  • The various tabs will show at the top of the workbook, just under the navigation bar for the IR website. Clicking any one of these will take you to a different set of visualizations, highlighting various types of, in this case, Enrollment data. 

  • A list of the tabs is also available from the drop down arrow at the left hand end of the tab row:

  • You can scroll through the tabs using the arrows at either end:

  • Each page of the workbook has a list of filters down the left hand side of the page. You can reset the filters to the default setting by clicking the red button at the top of the filter list.

  • Each page includes a lightbulb icon under which you can find additional information about the data on the page, such as data sources.

  • Some pages will also include a button by which you can access more finely detailed data - filter selections usually carry over from the main page to the detail page.

  • On the detail page, you can find a button to go to even more detail, or to return to the previous page.