From the UNC System Office: 

Insight is the University of North Carolina System analytics platform, managed by HelioCampus.  Insight offers:

  • Data storage capacity in Amazon Redshift
  • Direct access to UNC Data Mart and some third party (e.g. IPEDS or Clearinghouse) data using SAS, or other reporting tools
  • Data visualization capability in Tableau
  • Data science, predictive analytics


The UNC Insight Dashboards may be accessed by permissions users in the UNC System. To activate your credentials, please submit a support ticket, or send an email to us at

In order to access UNC Insight, you must be on a computer connected to the wired GCN network on UNCG's campus. This system cannot be accessed via wireless connection or from an off campus computer. To access UNC Insight while you are away from campus, please remote into a local desktop via