You must access UNC Insight from a computer connected to the wired GCN network on UNCG's campus. You cannot access UNC Insight from a wireless connection, or from a computer off campus. In order to access UNC Insight remotely, you must remote into a UNCG connected desktop on the GCN network via

  1. Open a browser and navigate to 

  2. Click the Welcome Guest link at the top right of the page     

  3. Select UNC Greensboro from the list of campuses on the left side of the screen and log in with your UNCG credentials

  4. Click on the Insight button on the right end of the page, several buttons will appear, click the one that says Dash

  5. The links on the landing page will take you to the UNC System Office dashboards, select any one of them to see the system-wide Tableau workbooks developed by the UNC System Office staff.

    If you click a button and receive this error, click the Back to All Projects button to go to the UNC System Office and select a different project to view. The UNC Insight system is still in development and not all projects have published dashboards.