Once you have selected an area of the UNC Insight system to view, the back button will not take you to the landing page you started from. To view other system workbooks, use the "breadcrumbs" navigation trail in the top left corner of the screen under the UNC System logo.

The last entry on the breadcrumb list is where you are, each preceding word is a link to the next level up in the folder tree. Home is the main Project folder list for UNC Insight on Tableau Server. 

From the Home page, you can navigate to Projects, Workbooks, VIews, and Data sources. Visibility of these objects is based on the permissions granted when you were given access to the system. If you do not see something you think you should, please email us at irhelp@uncg.edu

The Views are the individual dashboard worksheets from the Workbooks. 

The Workbooks are different sets of dashboards in the Projects. 

Return from viewing any of these objects using the breadcrumb trail in the top left corner under the UNC System logo.